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Default Prime rib dinner w/pron

So here's the deal, I had a 5-6# boneless prime rib in the freezer that needed to be used Ithawed it out, and here's the story;
Set up the kettle for offset cooking (I usually do the whole prime rib on the rotisserie, but for this piece I opted for the off set) The wood for smoke was mesquite

Seasoned up the rib in my usual fashion w/worcestershire sauce, Montreal steak seasoning and granulated garlic.

Fired up the coals and brought it up to 225*, was shooting for 225*-250* for the initial cook, tied the rib up and tossed it on the grill.

Temp was fairly steady, mostly in the 240* range. It did drift up into the 250's a couple times, but no big deal. I was looking for an internal of 125* and then would crisp up the outter shell over direct heat. The process took around 3.5 hours with the following resuls:


Plated with some garlic, cheddar and bacon whipped potatoes, taragon green beans and creamed horseradish and a side of cucumber tomato salad:

The "bite" shot were all blurry for some reason, but You get the idea. It came out a perfect medium rare and was absolutely delicious!

Hope you enjoyed the journey.
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