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Originally Posted by Pyle's BBQ View Post
Did you check to see if you could unbolt the firebox? If it is not welded on, it has to be attached some how. Even if you have to cut the bolts off, you can get new one and bolt the firebox into the correct position. Sounds like you need to turn the box 180 degrees to get it into the correct position. When you put the firebox back on is when you should put the high temp silicon to seal the gap if there is still one.
I wondered about that, but the vent hole between the box and he grill match up correctly. If I unbolt it and turn the whole thing over, they won't. In theory the vent between the box and grill would be at the top of the firebox and the intake would be at the bottom right?

The way it is now, both the intake and the vent between the grill and the box are the top. I think I would have to grind of the hinge brackets that hold the door on, turn it upside down and then weld them back on. That way the intake would be at the bottom so the airflow would go across the coals/wood.

Rather than paying someone to do all that welding for me, I may drill 2 or 3 holes across the bottom and use the same type ball valve set up as a UDS and see how that works. I am going to build a UDS as well, so then I'll have two smokers to add to my signature when I create one. lol
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