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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Sounds like a plan that worked great, sure looks great.

Weeping ribs happens at all temperatures, but, in a low temperature cook with a good draft, the pig honey dries up as the liquid comes out slower, that has been my observation.
That makes a lot of sense. ALl I know is though that in my rib cooking experience (which is not as vast as most brethren here), temperatures lower than 250 have produced worse results than temps in the 275-325 range. It could just be that my timing is thrown off by cooking at lower temps but I have been able to nail the perfect doneness with ribs with a higher cooking temp. I don't really cook anything lower than 275 anymore, except pork butt which I am willing to go down to 250 for, but 275 is mine and my UDS's favorite temp, which makes it easier for me
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