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Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
Does anyone happen to have a simple catering contract. Rich and I are catering a wedding and the mother of the bride asked for one.

Thanks in advance.


Simple is not always good when it comes to a contract. It is best to be sure both parties are well aware of what is expected and therefore protected. We use a slightly modified version of one we downloaded from this site.


(at the bottom of their page is an option to download in DOC format)

We found a few clerical errors in the document and corrected them (such as section 3.1 referring back to section 1 instead of section 2). And we added a couple items that our attorney advised due to specific tort laws in Kansas.

A tip regarding the Deposit is to ensure that it is enough to cover all of your product/ingredients. Our Deposit is 50% of the total event charge. This not only helps cover these costs due to loss, if they cancel, but also allows you some working capital to prepare for the event.

We also changed item 3.3 to state the balance of charges due are to be paid upon delivery but before setup/serving. This avoids collection issues due to a client trying to not pay the full balance. We have had some issues with clients trying to not pay in full or being very late in payment causing us extra cost in collection fees. No payment - No food/service.
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