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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by Daggs View Post
That mesh won't last long, and make sure it's not galvanized!
Are you using the 2" bung that comes in many of our lids? I only use 2, 3/4" inlets. Reason for this is I know what certain lumps max out at temp wise in my drum.
5 inlets is way to much! Ive had problems with magnets personally. Not the best seal and don't hold as well over time.
This is just my opinion but I keep my intake equal to or just less than my exhaust. This prevents stale smoke and keeps my temps from jumping too much.

Thanks for the response. So, if I wanted to have a better seal for the intakes and forget the magnets, should a small nipple and cap be what I go for for each of the intakes except the one with the valve? The reason I've been skimping is that I told myself I could build this for under 25 dollars, after the drum...and so far, I'm under budget.
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