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Originally Posted by Skidder View Post
I'm sure you all remember that gross pink slime burger meat in the long tube well guess what there doing now. There taking all that crap and running it through a grinder twice casing and all and calling it double grind burger meat. So don't be fooled. Just a heads up from a butcher in my grocery store. So if you can't see it being ground or don't personally know your butchers as I do be afraid be very afraid.
I for one look for further sources than a local grocery store butcher. Have any? I for one know many a butcher or chef that will double grind their any and all beef scraps for burgers. I will note that the reason they called it pink slime is because after it was processed the meat was gelatinous or like a paste. Highly unlikely they would double grind gelatinous pasty meat.

Mechanically removed meat, although it may look disgusting, is food. Do you only eat air dried chicken to avoid chlorine? Do you avoid vegetable oils? I only ask because those are heavily treated with chemicals. Do you encourage soy use even though it contains estrogen?

I'm torn on this subject and due to my fortunate job I can afford good high quality meat and ingredients when I cook. I grind my own meat and I know where 90% of my meat comes from. On the other hand, fear mongering is leading to higher food costs, less protein in diets, more soy protein being consumed, etc. If I ever have to seriously curtail my food budget I would choose "pink slime" over soy protein or increased refined carbs any day. Many people in tough economic situations are being pinched by economic conditions and like cheap food prices and as long as it's GRAS they don't care.
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