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Default I need your advice

OKÖ.I am new to the forum (this is my first post)and could use your advice. I have a horizontal grill with an offset smoker box (I think you guys call them stick burners) that I tried using this past weekend to do some smoking and found a couple of issues.

Most importantly, the door for the fire box is mounted upside down so that the air intake is at the top of the box rather than the bottom. I was smoking a couple of 5 lb bologna chubs because I wanted to start slow while I get the hang of things. I decided to try smoking it by placing all of the charcoal at one end of the grill and the bologna at the other and using the vent on the fire box to go control the air intake since it is in line with the intake on the side of the grill. The temp was coming up nicely so I decided to start closing the vent to regulate the temp before it got to hot (something I learned from you guys) when I found my second problem. Since the fire box is only bolted on to the grill and not welded on, it didnít seal well and even with the vent closed on the fire box, it was drawing enough air through the gaps that I had real problems with keeping the temp right.

I said all of that to ask this. I am not a welder so even though I can use a grinder to remove the door brackets, I would have to pay someone to weld them back on so that the door is right. I would also either have to pay someone to weld the firebox onto the grill or purchase some bolts and fender washers to suck up firmly enough against the grill body to restrict air. While I enjoy grilling with what I have, I am wondering it would be better to invest the money I would spend fixing my rig and spend that making a new UDS to smoke on. I have read the UDS thread and think I could do it, but wanted to get your thoughts. (sorry this is so long!)
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