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Default Ok here's my Rotisserie Turkey on my SMG

Hello All,

First off a HUGE shout out to everyone that helped me figure out how I was going to Rotisserie this Turkey on my santa maria. After speaking with some of you at the Brethren Bash and obtaining excellent info, I'm happy to post my results.

I did a dry brine on this turkey. Never tried a wet brine or dry but I decided to try dry this year and see how it turned out. Well I was able to sustain a excellent 350 degrees in my pit as you can see I have thermometers all over the place lol. The turkey took 3hrs. 15min. to cook and everyone raved so much they continously asked me to send them the recipe throughout the entire night lol. It was all gone in about 30 minutes. Thought it was a small 13.5 lb bird. There was about 15 adults & 5 children

I was very please how evenly it cooked and how moist it was throughout every part of the bird including the breast. The brine gave it flavor from beginning to end no matter what part you took. Probably the 2nd most moist bird behind my mom's turkey :)

I followed this recipe:
I did use a little less salt as I don't like my food to salty, but after hearing some people say it could have used a little more salt but still fantastic, maybe I will follow the recipe more closely lol. I don't care what people say brines do add flavor including SALT : ) I went beyond this recipe and after washing the bird off the night before of the brine, and sticking it in the fridge overnight, the day of the cook I removed it about 2 hours before cooking it and I went back to my moms original basting sauce which is something real simple like Butter, red pepper flakes(in a jar and wet) not very hot, garlic, little salt and something else she puts in similar to chicken boullian (Thanks mom for making it :) I brushed that all inside and outside the turkey, then inside we cut up some apples, yellow onions, and carrots and stuck it in there and sewed her loosely.

So without further delay here she is..........

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