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Default First Brisket and a butt

Finally got around to buying a brisket and smoking it along with a pork butt on Saturday. Since I didn't cook on Thanksgiving , I was ready to cook something over the weekend. Found a good looking choice flat at RD, and I wanted to also smoke a butt just in case I screwed up the brisket. Fortunately, I didn't screw it up, as it turned out very good for my first one.

Here are pics of my cook.

RD choice brisket. I think it was around $2.60/lb., IIRC.

Injected w/ apple juice, beef broth & worchestershire sauce. Rubbed with Old Bay, garlic powder and Weber's Steak & Chop seasoning, then rested overnight in the fridge.

Butt rubbed with my usual basic rub & rested overnight. I don't inject butts except for comps.

I really didn't want to babysit my WSM all day, so I fired it up with a full ring of RO lump, a few hickory & pecan chunks and ran it up to nearly 300°. Here is the brisket on the top and butt on the bottom. After the fact, I thought about maybe putting one to each side to prevent drips from causing a problem flavor-wise, but I really couldn't taste any beef flavor on the butt at all.

Brisket @ 4 hrs. Steady as she goes! I foiled @ 170° and moved it into the oven, as the wind started to pick up and it was tough to keep temps above 240°, which was lower than I wanted to cook these guys.

Here is the butt with the blade bone removed just before I pulled it. I've cooked plenty of them and they always come out great. Pulled pork is about my favorite BBQ to cook and eat, and having both meats made for an awesome dinner.

And pulled.

Brisket sliced. I pulled it around 193° and let it rest for 45 minutes before slicing. It could have been a little more tender, but for my first one, it was better than I expected.

After I pulled both meats from the WSM, I pulled a little 'que from the shoulder and added to some Bush's beans with some sauce and let them warm on the top rack of the WSM for a couple of hours. Nothing like smoky beans!

Here's your plate. OK, this was my plate, and it was great!

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