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I can tell times are tough for you from the hot beer in your console.

.....I like these little guys from

. They work really well, actually. They do not last a very long time like some of the stainless steel injectors, but I've found that the stainless steel injectors are cumbersome to use. The major downfall of these injectors from Amazon is that the plastic bowl eventually splits - it could be due to putting them in the dishwasher.

Personally, I think the cats-ass injector would be a combination between the F.Dick injector and the Jacks Old South injector. I like the pistol grip of the F.Dick injector and the overall size, but would like to see an injector with a larger reservoir annex. I'd like to be able to mix my injections at home in a mason jar, liter bottle, or gallon jug and have a small(er) injector pump that automatically refills the injector as the trigger rebounds.
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