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Please find the new pit probe above, it is 2" length, about 1/3rd of original probe.

I made comparison between old thicker probe, this new short thinner probe, and a wireless thermometer. The thicker and longer probe reacts a few seconds slower than the short thinner probe. I placed three probes in warm water and ice water and took videos. Unfortunately I can not upload to Youtube as youtube is blocked by our lovely China government.
Mass of probe has less effect, but the position of probe is decisive factor.

"Maverick would read 320F while the Dog read 275 and at other times the Maverick would read 300 and the dog would be around 275"
please fasten the two probes together and try again.
and please calibrate DOG and your Maverick again.
It could be even better to try third thermometer at exactly the same place too.
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