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I picked up a Globe slicer awhile back, not running and in dire need of some TLC. I tore it down, cleaned everything (the basic problem was the guy used vegetable oil on the slides and it got all sticky - NEVER lubricate with vegetable oil, always use food-grade mineral oil) and put all back together. Makes slicing bacon and ham a treat. I have discovered that home-cured ham tastes (to me) way better if it's sliced really really thin. Melts on the tongue, yum.

Anyway, I did up packages of 8 slices of bacon in Foodsaver bags and froze them. On a recent road trip I brought several bags along in the cooler. Sure was nice to be a thousand miles from home camping somewhere in the heartland and cooking my own bacon!

I'll try the recipe. I doubt the maple syrup does much. And poblanos really really vary in heat. Some are much stronger than others. You probably got some mild ones. Next time use just one minced serrano. About the same amount of heat as you should have gotten, way better flavor IMHO.

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