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Originally Posted by jeffbokc View Post
This is a great site and a very helpful thread for issues with the CyberQ Wifi. I recently got the CyberQ Wifi and had troubles setting it up on my home network, iPhone and iPad. ....
Adhoc mode with my iPad 1 & 3, and iPhone 4, works perfectly for me, no set up issues, right out of the box. Connection easy.

But true WiFi remains elusive for me. I have not been able to connect to my home WiFi Cisco Linksys router. I have no problem accessing the router and subsequent Internet with my Apple and my MS-windows products.

Wish list:
1. An app to automatically set up my CyberQ WiFi connected to my Linksys and the Internet
2. Failing #1 above, then allow the cool CyberQ apps designed for WiFi and discussed on this site to also work in Adhoc mode.
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