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Default Gotz venison

So I get a call from a co-worker on Friday. She told me her husband just got back from a hunting trip in W. VA where he scored a ten point buck. Clean shot - through the shoulder and lungs. Quick kill.

So she asked me if I wanted some. Me, hell yeah!!

So I go to their place yesterday and her husband opens a cooler and says - Help yourself, take whatever you want. I look into the cooler and think - What the frack am I going to do with these?

Lots of meat for sure - not butchered or cleaned at all - just cut into a size big enough to fit into the coolers. I'm thinking - how the heck am I going cut these up. Being the adventurous guy I am I ended up taking two shoulders and a hind quarter.

Got home and said - Honey, look what I have - and opened up my cooler. My wife is a really good sport - her only reaction was - Wow!!

We put the first shoulder up on the cutting board and I start hacking away. Wife to me - do you know what you are doing? Me - not a clue. Wife - move over caveman.

She ended up going through everything and producing 6 steaks, 1 roast, about 5 pounds of stewing meat and left two bones with meat to cook up for the dog. (Those damn bones are huge. Our dog will think she is in canine heaven.)

Sorry for the long post - just had to share.
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