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what are you using for a thermometer? perhaps you are not getting a good reading. I have used the barrel lid with both plugs out and weber lids with the daisy wheel open. I use 1/2 pipe nipples and usually only have one open on my favorite uds and the newest uses a 3/4 intake with the valve in addition to the 1/2 nipples. I start off with a few open nipples, top on and i let it get up to 250 then close all but one nipple. they both settle in real well around 230/240 this way. When I add the meat it cools off some and I open it up a bit and then close it back to one open as the temp is coming up and it settles right back in. It doesnt take much air for it to run smooth. Lump charcoal, if you are using briquettes and getting it hot then shutting it down maybe it is ashing over the coals and choking itself? work with it and you will figure it out.
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