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Originally Posted by N8man View Post
That bird looks righteous!!!
Nice Job!!! So, with that perfectly
cooked turkey under your belt,
why would you want a diffuser now, if I may ask?
I'm with N8man , it ain't broke ....

I have a extended mini WSM ( think 2 tamale pots )
I smoked the thanksgiving hame in it this year, I started with a defuser in the bottom of the top pot ( I figured I see what all this defuser talk is about) the bottom therm showed 375 and the top therm showed 200. It ran for several hours like this with no real change. The ham was not cooking well and I had to remove the defuser to finish the cook.

The end result was 175 degrees were wasted at the defuser, sure there was even smoke and temps in the top pot, but with the intakes wide open I could only manage to reach 200 in the cooking chamber. The ham was cooking too slowly, 3 hours in and the IT was below 90.
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