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That's funny. I work with some vegetarians, and they're intent on pushing teir agendas. The funny part is, I remember several older members of my family who grew up and lived old-school there in the mountains. With no electricity, they mostly lived off of cured pork-bacon, country ham, canned sausage, etc. Most of the vegetables they ate were fried in rendered hog lard and slathered in fresh-churned cow butter. Most of them lived to be in their late 80s or 90s, and were still fit and working and active at that age. Lack of exercise and processed food is what's killing us nowadays, not eating pork.

Some of the unhealthiest people I know are vegetarians, including one lady who had to have her hip joints replaced at 40 years old. Her doctor finally told here she was gonna die if she didn't start eating more protein and calcium. Vegetarianism is pretty much unworkable without modern technology. Tell your neighbor about how many million acres of Amazonian rain forest are being destroyed every year for soybean plantations to feed protein to vegetarians.
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