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Originally Posted by Soybomb View Post
I think pots and pans are a lot like knives, you probably don't need a set, just get what you need. I have a couple cast iron skillets that are my main workhorses. I have a 14" stainless fry pan with lid that I can use if I want to brown something then stick it in the oven covered for a while. If I were shopping again for fry pans I'd likely look at cast aluminum. I have a 4 quart stainless pot with lid. The 6 quart enameled dutch oven is great for braising roasts. I also have a small cheap pot I use for sauces and oatmeals. I have a couple large stock pots. Teflon does not enter my home.

Basically figure out how you like to cook and in what and get the pieces.
I already have all the basics that work just fine. Several SS stock pots, and restuarant pans. I don't really NEED any thing I am just wanting a nice set. May even get one of those hanging things to put some of it on.
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