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Originally Posted by Dr_KY View Post
I'm lovin' the look of that drum. Wonder if I can adapt one to my Carsons?
Dr. KY, the length on the Spitmate Jr. should be the perfect size. The issue I can see is the spit shape/width on the Carson. I did not measure it, but on the one Carson I saw, the spit had a blade shape to it which looked to be wider than the 12mm/half inch hole in the Spitmate collar.

There is a Spitmate Kit in Australia which includes a shortened Auspit spit bar and extra Carrier Bracket housing, motor, etc. designed so you can use a Spitmate on a separate spit at the same time while the main spit is working the meats. I have not tried the spit bar to see if it would work on the Carson setup, but if it does and if there is enough interest, we could see about making those spits available on their own.

Looking at pictures, it appears the blade shape continues into the motor interface instead of a standard square interface, so I have my doubts that would work either.

Any ideas?

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