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Been a member a while but long drinks between visits, thought this thread might apreciate this story and pics of my new pride and joy.
If you don't know I'm in Aussie and 3 weeks ago I won a new in the box 1986 H OTS, the guy we t over seas the day after the auction and I codnf get it until today.
He's like an hour and a half away and just I'm leaving he calls me d says he was getting it out of the shed its been in for 26 years and discovered the box was all rotten up one side and the bottom and if I didn't want it he's understand, or drop the price if I wanted it.
The auction went to 190 and I was prepared to pay that and put it awAy in storage.
So I arive there and he's all apologetic and opens the box and its all complete and mint, we strip down the layers and there's rust on the triangle leg shelf things axle and it did look pretty bad, tiny bit on the charcoal grate and tool holder. Other than that its brand new, then he says I feel so bad and don't need the money you can just have it, I said well here's 20 bucks and left with this....

That's the rust

I love it!
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