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Beginner's luck, I guess. Injected with creole butter and put the 12+ pound bird on the WSM at 8:00 expecting about 4 hours cook time based on projected 275 average temp (my 18.5 likes to run at that). Set the IQUE 110 at 300 and checked the IT at 2 hours - 149 in the breast. Flipped it over (breast down) and gave it another hour. Breast read 170, thigh 165 to 155 in varying locations. Removed from smoker at 11:00. Lunch scheduled for 1:00 PM. Tented with foil and rested for 30 minutes, then foiled and coolered. When I started carving it at 12:45, the white meat oozed a little creole-colored juice. Dark meat could have been a bit more done for my taste, but the family raved.
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