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Default Hot Dog Question

Okay, a friend asked me to smoke some franks for her.
I was unpacking and the baguette caught my eye so I thought what the heck, I don't like hot dog franks, never have, but what I like less is not liking something popular so I'll give it a go.
I sliced up a tomato and a quarter red onion and fried them with a mixture of Mexican spices my friend Boshizzle sent me.
I mixed Ancho, guajillio, De Arbol and chipotle and some Jalapeno powder too.
Now, I have to explain that the pics I've seen and descriptions I've read, the Aussie hot dog sausage is a vastly inferior product the the American originals.
Yours sound great, but ours are pathetic.
There is no such thing as a 'pop' when you break the casing, ours pop like this

and that is what I want to know?
Is it just me and my lack of knowledge on how to coock them?
I put them in a pot of cold water and brought them to a gentle simmer, held them at a simmer for about ten minutes and pop, two out of three exploded.
How are you supposed to cook these things?

The sauce was good but I still dislike the sausage, yet I would like to know how to cook them just in case I have a stroke and forget that I hate them.
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