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Default Thanksgiving turkey, temp and tri-tip.

I did not brine my turkey, although I was thinking of the dry brine being talked about but ran out of time to do it right and the 14 lb birds had an 12% solution. I slathered it down with a butter, olive oil, rosemary, thyme and basil concoction, after letting it sit unwrapped in the fridge overnight. Lightly salted and peppered inside and out, added aromatics with orange and apple inside and roasted in the oven at 320. I lowered the temp by 5 degrees less than was recommended because I suspected my oven runs hot, meant to check it the day before but time got away from me. The bird was 1 and 1/2 hour done early and had a very crispy skin but I caught it just right and it was very good.

Today I did a test on my oven with my maverick that I tested in boiling water first, at 320 it is running 364 average. Now I know what I suspected all along. Does anyone know if an oven can be calibrated?

Also had time to toss a tri-tip on the grill and it was a big hit it may well be a new tradition, my wannabe brother-in-law was fascinated with it.

A couple days before Thanksgiving I cleaned out my cabinets and went through all my seasoning and spices. Combined all rubs on hand including some homemade ones to get back some counter space and that is what I used on the tri-tip, will use it on some pork steaks tonight. I do this once or twice a year.

All in all the dinner was very good and I did not go over board but still had all the usual sides. One thing I did just for kicks and will do again was adding spiced rum to my candied sweet-potatoes, it was a subtle difference but a noticeable one.

Thanks for looking, mainly wanted to make people aware, they may need to check the oven in the house as well as their gauges.
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