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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Originally Posted by willbird View Post
I was wondering what the pipe nipple in the base is for ?? EDIT : looking again I see they must have changed the design, mine has the air intake in the center of the base, they must be doing one in the side now ?

Saw you had the IQ plumbed into the door and pondered that, but saw the street ell aiming it's discharge down and understood then :-).

Some folks swear a mini fire basket is a great addition. I have a free roadside one to mod when I get some free time. You can't get any cheaper than free hehe.
Also, I bought the electric base for the electric Brinmann, which had that hole in it for the heating element. So they'd why I was trying to blow thru that with the iq, but it seems to work better blowing down on the coals

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