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Here is the problem with a bbq joint. Brisket is very high you take yield into consideration. If you tried to sell it at 35% or lower, for just a 5oz sandwich you will be at 10-12 bucks. Pork on the other hand you can sell in the high 20 percent range to help bring other averages down. If you have a small menu and your higher percentage items are your most popular you are going to have an overall COGS. Are you factoring in to go products in your COGS? If not add those in and your number will increase more. The best way to find out is cost out each and every meal individually and see where that leaves you. My restaurant sells a lot of ribs, so my food cost runs higher. But when I sell some apps at 18% food cost I am able to average it out and bring that high number down a little. In a perfect world you want to be at 30%, some items in the industry, its just not possible, ribs, brisket, good steaks, you are going to be in the 40-45% range or they are going to rot in your walk in. BBQ bubba, damn keeping your labor that low is GREAT, your owner must be making a killing!
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