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Originally Posted by samfsu View Post
Ya got a recipe for that turkey chili that u could share please? I have a ton left over lol
I don't generally cook by recipe...but I can tell you more or less what I do...

I prefer to make a stock from the carcass today, and make the chili tomorrow

Basically, in a stock pot, sweat out some onions with garlic, and whatever/however many peppers you like (jalapenos are good, chipotles in adobo are better) until the onions are soft
Season with some salt and pepper
Add in your turkey (this chili is even better if your turkey or chicken was smoked)
Throw in a can or 2 of diced tomatoes, and a couple of cans of beans (I usually go with 1 each white and red)--I don't rinse the beans, the slime helps thicken it up nicely
Add enough stock to cover the whole mixture, plus a few inches (I usually end up using around 3-4 cups)
In a separate skillet, brown up some chorizo on low heat until the fat renders out. Drain the chorizo really well, and add it in to the stock pot.
Finely chop the stems from 1 bunch of cilantro, and add in. Chop and reserve the leaves.
Season with your typical chili spices. I keep it nice and simple--cumin, chili powder (regular and ancho if you have it), some cayenne, white pepper, fresh cracked black pepper.
Bring that whole mess up to a boil, then knock it back to a simmer for 3-4 hours, or until your liquid has reduced by at least 1/3, and/or until you've reached the consistency you like, tasting occasionally and re-seasoning as needed
Add the cilantro leaves around 10 minutes before you serve
Finish with a little heavy cream (usually around 1/4 cup or so) a few minutes before serving.
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