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Originally Posted by carpboy View Post
Any poultry I do the skin sucks, just plain sucks. I've tried just about everything and get nothing but tough old rubbery skin. Any thoughts as to how I can break this trend? Unrelated - I always just smoke open on the grill, should I try bird in a pan, I see a lot of pics that way. Thanks!
Hot and fast is the key to non-rubbery skin. Also be careful when resting it after it is done before serving. Cover loosely with foil and I wouldn't let it sit longer than 20-30 minutes. If you really want to get crazy I suppose you could do a quick reverse sear of the bird when you get within a few degrees of your desired temps. You'd almost have to hold it in place on each side while over the coals I would think due to it's shape, unless you have it butterflied or spatchcocked. I don't think a pan is going to do much for crispy skin. Good luck.
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