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Originally Posted by HickoryJ View Post
im doing a whole turkey on my 18.5 for the first time. gonna use the water pan, but no water. lined with foil. i have an iq110 and will be setting the temp at 300. i wouldnt think the drippings would leave a bad taste...but i would be concerned about flare-ups. im using olive oil and some herbs on the outside. im hoping that will help with the crispy skin.
Exactly what I am doing, except I am injecting the bird with some Cajun Injector creole butter. I am looking for smoked turkey, not just roast turkey done outside (I have a bigger one for the oven). Considering starting out at 325 for 30 minutes or so to help crisp the skin, then turning the IQue down to either 275 or 300 and watching the IT on the remote thermo stuck in the breast. I'm trying to avoid brining. I never brine the ones in the oven and they turn out great. Plus I am basically too lazy and don't have the fridge space with everything else in the way.
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