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Cooked one Sunday in The Big Easy. You seriously can't get any easier. Pulled the fresh 14 lbs bird from the fridge. Opened the bag, pulled the neck and giblets, rinsed it, rubbed it, 2:45 later it was perfect.

Only problem was my rub. It was a 'chicken barbecue rub' my parents had given me. (I was out of Yardbird). It had a good aroma and flavor but it burned in the Big Easy. I even made sure it didn't have sugar, because TBE is a high heat cooker.

I'm gonna hit Bass Pro this afternoon to get some Yardbird, and tomorrows should be quick and easy.

Also, I always cut the bird for tenderness instead of appearance (remove the breast, then cut across the grain), and my wife always gives me grief about it.... oh well, she never complains about the taste, at least.
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