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Default Test smoked turkey

Wanted to do a smoked turkey for thanksgiving, so figured I'd do a trial run. Got a 9.5 lb bird on special 88 cents a pound, but due to a register issue, manager gave me the whole bird for the 11 cents the register insisted it cost.

Decided against brining, but loaded it with some Tony C's the night before. Decided to use the 'lectric old smoky as food is being served at 1300 and I really don't want to be getting up at ugly thirty. Filled the wood plate with hickory, and warmed her up.

Bird went in breast down for an hour, and then right side up for the remainder. Temped out at around the 4 hour mark. Came out great without any injection pockets. Looks like a winner for Thursday, lets hope I can replicate it without too many challenges, already had to pay the full 0.88/lb for the new one...

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