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I have done it in restaurants many times, you will have to flip it more than than three or four times to keep it from being to well done and dry on the outside and still cold on the inside.

If you can, start it out on a cooler spot on the grill and then move it to give it the finish sear and how done you want it. I have never used a gauge on any steak just feel, by all means use a temp gauge if you have one. you can also hold the steak between both hands and bend it, you should be able to see the color of the meat just under the top layer, if it is very red it is going to be rare and so on and so on. You can press down in the middle hard with the side of your little finger and feel if the center is cool, warm or hot will tell at what stage it is.

Most important is keep it turned so you wont be get the nice grill marks we go for, and then let is sit on a warm plate to rest so it will continue to warm to the center. The thicker the steak of course the harder it is to do, but it can be done. If it has a bone like a T bone the meat will start to edge down lower from the bone and of course again with the feel test and rest. If done right no one should be able to tell if was frozen, many will dispute that but I would bet my paycheck they can't, that is if I had a paycheck.

Now after saying all that, we never did it on purpose because its a pain in the arss and slows things down in a fast kitchen, but sometimes we would have a run on say the 8 oz top and get an order at the last minute so into the freezer we went. But why not let them thaw?

I will add that contrary to what most folks think, they have consumed more frozen steaks than they know.

I mentioned picking the meat up with both hands and bending it, don't. Working in a kitchen you can do that and other things like pick up a hot pan to move without protection, or picking bakers out of a 450 degree oven but if you don't know how and don't do it all the time then please use a pair of tongs, I have not worked in a kitchen for some time and can do it within reason but not like I used to do.
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