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Default Trying Something New: My First Chinese Chef's Knife (Cleaver)

Ok so I really don't do any asian style cooking, but I have always been impressed with chefs like Martin Yan and their ability to do just about every task in the kitchen with what I thought for years was a simple meat cleaver. It wasn't until recently that some reading showed me that its not really a cleaver for chopping through bone and other hard things so much as it is another version of a basic Chef's Knife. Much thinner, lighter, and sharper than its sturdier cousin.

I did not want to drop a lot of money just to try out a new style, so I went to an Asian market in Baton Rouge today to see what they had. What I found were two slightly different knives by the same company. The biggest difference being that one had a bit more curve in the edge, and thats the one that I went with for the low low price of $15.99!

There isn't much english on the box, but maybe someone here can read it. I know I cant.

As for the knife itself, it is a nice looking knife that is sharp enough to remove hair from my arm as is although I plan to get it even sharper. I really like the extra weight that it has compared to a typical chef knife, and it feels really good in my hand. I think I am gonna really like this style of knife, but only time will tell.

So anybody else here using one of these and have any pointers for use?
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