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Originally Posted by WineMaster View Post
I have had good customer service at Sams. We had a Costco open up this weekend in town. Wondering if its worth the membership since im already a Sams member and have had no complaints about thier products or service.
All of these stores SAM's Club, Costco, BJ's have their own strong and weak points. I have memberships to all 3 because not only am I near them, but there is always one of them near my travels to pick-up supplies. I can even order the cases before I arrive when I get to town they can be picked up.

Costco has higher quality meats at higher prices - you get what you pay for.

BJ's carries bone in butts in cases, the other sell boneless butts.

Sam's has a good meat selection and a large spice selection.

Just because it is a "wholesale club" doesn't mean it's a great price, do your homework before you shop.

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