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Default Domed lid temps

Originally Posted by Wh1skey6 View Post
Someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I think you just need a 1:1 ratio of intake to exhaust. I'm guessing this isn't a Weber dome lid?
Correct, just a $10.00 BBQ pro from CL. Flatter profile than the weber. The daisy wheel vent is 3.53 sq inches of exhaust, plus the .98 for the 1/2 holes should be plenty of exhaust. I'm guessing that the hotter temps on the original flat lid were a result of the breeze blowing across the bung increasing the draw. I'm going to fire it up again this weekend with the dome and experiment with raising the lid a bit to see if the draw increases. Or I'll just lower the top grate a bit, remove the band mod and go back to the known temps of the flat lid.
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