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Default Smoking Pork Loin for Tailgate - Question

I am planning on smoking 16lbs of pork loin this weekend for a tailgate. My issue comes that we do not have a way this weekend to get a grill up to the game. I was thinking about smoking the meat in the smoker for part of the cooking time then putting the meat in a couple crock pots to finish he meat. I was going to use a crock pot liner with water under the liner set to warm or low temperature to try and not dry the meat out. Yes, I do have a couple crockpots I will be using. I am not planning to slice the pork until just before we actually go to eat it.

My issue is that if I smoke the meat and take it off the smoker about 7:30am, then plan to serve it around 11am, is this the best way to keep the pork loin warm, and possibly finish the cooking in the crock pot? Also, what would be the best temp to pull the meat off at in order to finish it in time for eating and not have dried out pork loin?
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