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Originally Posted by Rmhardie View Post
Whisky, thanks for the reply. I should have included the exhaust in the original email. Now that I've looked at the calculations, looks like I've got 1.32 sq inches of intake (three 3/4" pipes). I've drilled five 1/2" holes in the lid, but that's less than 1 square inch of exhaust. Comparing the exhaust in the dome versus the original drum lid with two bungs, certainly looks like I've got about half the exhaust of the original flat lid. The two bungs on the flat lid equal 3.92 sq inches of exhaust, almost twice the intake. Sounds like I need more and/or bigger exhausts on the dome.
Someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I think you just need a 1:1 ratio of intake to exhaust. I'm guessing this isn't a Weber dome lid?
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