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Originally Posted by Oldyote View Post
Hey Wampus

Are you still using a Turkey Cannon? I have one but I so seldom make turkeys (like once a year) and I can't remember how long it took using one. The website says only 7 minutes per pound but I don't remember it cooking that fast.
I use the cannon any time I can fit a turkey on it and still get it in the smoker.

Here's a couple of threads I put up when I used it at different temps: 3.5 hour cook time at moderate temps 2 hour cook time at higher temps

Originally Posted by TravelingJ View Post
So you suggest charcoal on both sides of a drip pan, and not charcoal far on one side and the bird on the other? Does this whole setup work with dressing in the bird? I saw several references to stuffing with aromatics, but didn't catch any with dressing...
That's how I've done it. If you use bricks or something as a way to block the direct heat from scorching the thighs you won't have to worry about uneven cooking and having to turn the bird 1/2 way through. If you put coals RIGHT up against the drip pan, they can be kinda close. That's why I've put bricks by the drip pan, THEN coals outside the bricks to block the heat a bit.

I don't put dressing in the bird, but if you do, treat it like if it were in the'll have to let it cook longer. Make sure you check the temp of the stuffing inside.

I usually just stuff aromatics in the cavity (1 onion halved, 1 orange halved, 1 lemon halved) if I'm not using the cannon.

Originally Posted by Subzerogriller View Post
Thanks for the advice. I've had problems keeping the temps up on my wsm lately; I'm thinking it's a wind thing, and we're not supposed to have much in the way of wind on Thursday (~5 mph), so hopefully I'll be able to get the temps up closer to 325-350. I'll probably plan on an 8 hour cook; that way, if I can't maintain higher temps I should be OK, and if I do get the temps up and the thing is finished in 6 hours, I can foil and cooler it. Can't wait - turkey, squash, and (of course) a couple fatties on the smoker! Gonna be a great day!
You could wrap up the WSM in a blanket or canvas tarp (just make sure the leave space for the vents to breathe) to help block the wind too if you need to.
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