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Smile 26th Q: Two Lemon Peppered Low-Sodium Pork Shoulder Roasts [w/ pr0n]

You may ask "Low-Sodium?", and yes, that happens if you pretty much forget to add salt to a salt & pepper rub.

After last week's huge success with self-made lemon pepper I had to recreate it, the wife demanded more.

So here we go with two boneless pork shoulder roasts without speck with a total weight of 19.21 lbs:

I had a small portion of last weeks lemon pepper rub in the freezer, to which I added about 1/2 cup four peppers blend + 1/2 cup black pepper + 1/2 cup red berries (should have been all four peppers blend, but I forgot to buy a new batch, and there was only about 1/2 cup left, so I had to improvise with black pepper and red berries). After grinding that mixture down to medium coarse and adding the zest of four fresh organic lemons there should have been the point to add about 1/2 to 1 cup of medium coarse sea salt, but I totally forgot it, so the whole mixture only contained the amount of salt which already was in the left over batch from last week.

Fired up my lemon lump with six small pieces of apple wood buried in the charcoal ring

One pork went to the lower grate of my WSM

The other to the upper grate

The upper one after about 4 hours and 20 minutes at IT ~175F ready for foiling in apple juice

And the lower one

What is this? An Oven-"Schweinsbraten"?

Yes, after foiling it somehow went sideways, I had to reload charcoal and with just reaching about 300F I decided to finish them in the oven at 400F because it was already way too late and it was supposed to be ready for dinner.

Once it reached IT 203F I turned down the oven to 200F and let them rest for about half an hour, and this is the glorious result:

The smell of the lemon pepper alone is totally mind-blowing, and the resulting product was nothing short of heavenly. The low-sodium by accident did not cause any harm, except that it (again) was too hot for the wife and way too hot for the kids. Have a look at the closeup shots:

And this is the most amazing pulled pork sandwich I ever had! Each component was just made to perfection: the pork, the sauce based on limited edition apple cidar vinegar, the coleslaw based on yogurt without mayonnaise and the self-made pita bread. Something to dream about!

My wife staying on the low-carb side had it without the pita on a plate

Now the second pork was pulled later that evening for going straight into the container, but we had to taste it a lot, because somehow the apple juice vanished due to improper foiling (looks like the steam could escape through a hole at the top), resulting in an interesting effect with a slightly burnt pork candy like crust, which had a quite addictive flavor.


Another two pork shoulder roasts are already scheduled for next Saturday, this time I'll fire up in the evening and let them cook SNL through the night without foiling, because when I tried a piece of it before foiling it had such an amazing crunchy bark, and I want to have more of that.
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