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Originally Posted by MS2SB View Post
I did a bird that size a few years back and it took a LONG time, 5-6 hours if I remember correctly and that was at closer to 350*.
Originally Posted by Wampus View Post
Here's a chart I found for 350 degrees that seems right based on my experiences:

You said you were going at 300, so I'd add an hour to their suggestion of 3.5-4 hours, which is what my time is between for a 350 degree cook.

You could bump it up to 325 too.

Either way, I'd guess at least 4 hours for a 20 lber. Probably more like 5 at 300. Just check it at 2 hours and see if it's about 1/2 way, then adjust temps as necessary.
Thanks for the advice. I've had problems keeping the temps up on my wsm lately; I'm thinking it's a wind thing, and we're not supposed to have much in the way of wind on Thursday (~5 mph), so hopefully I'll be able to get the temps up closer to 325-350. I'll probably plan on an 8 hour cook; that way, if I can't maintain higher temps I should be OK, and if I do get the temps up and the thing is finished in 6 hours, I can foil and cooler it. Can't wait - turkey, squash, and (of course) a couple fatties on the smoker! Gonna be a great day!
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