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Originally Posted by Wampus View Post
That's a great setup. You don't necessarily need the charcoal baskets, although they are nice. Set up your kettle for indirect cooking. Put a 1/2 pan for a drip pan right in the middle of the charcoal grate. Place charcoal on either side of it. You can also use foil wrapped bricks on either side of the drip pan to keep the charcoal at bay if you want. Then just place charcoal between the bricks or drip pan and the outside of the kettle. Place a chunk of wood amongst each pile of charcoal, then add about 3-5 lit pieces of charcoal onto one end of each of the charcoal piles. I like to keep my top vent open and adjust the bottom vent until I get the temp where I want it. I like 325-350 for turkey or chicken. Dial it in and let it ride.
Thanks for the reply. I picked up the Williams Sonoma gravy base today-the people in the store went nuts when I hit the counter with that "it's the best thing evar!!!!" and offered the tip of adding a bit of apple brandy along with the milk and drippings. Home Depot failed me on the hinged grate today, but I'll make due. I did grab a bag of apple wood chunks while I was there.

So you suggest charcoal on both sides of a drip pan, and not charcoal far on one side and the bird on the other? Does this whole setup work with dressing in the bird? I saw several references to stuffing with aromatics, but didn't catch any with dressing...
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