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Default First try at bacon. Hope I didn't blow it!

6 days ago I bought a 5lb piece of skin on pork belly and gave making bacon a go. I made a dry rub type of cure which included 1tsp of pink salt. I didn't have large enough zipper bags so I put it in a glass casserole dish and just covered with plastic wrap. The next morning there was lots of liquid in the bottom of the dish which I then dumped out and proceeded to flip the belly. I have not removed anything since (hasn't been much since) and have flipped it every day. I was just reading through some posts now that I am getting ready to prep this thing for a cold smoke tomorrow and noticed in a few posts that people say not to remove the liquid and 1 post even went so far as to say it was very important to the process.
Did I mess this thing up?
Also I have read differing suggestions on the next steps here. Some people say to just rinse it off really good and then dry it and leave it in the fridge over night. I have also read to soak it in water and change the water every 2 hours and do this for 8 hours. Seems like you would not only be removing the saltiness but the flavors that we tried to add. Any thoughts?
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