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Originally Posted by Rmhardie View Post
I used the Permatex Red Hi Temp red RTV sealant to mod my UDS to add a domed lid and seal up around the air intakes at the bottom. On the first trial run, I built a small fire to test the temp performance, etc. I noticed a chemical type smell coming through the exhaust vents. I've seen plenty of posts using this product and would assume that if its not safe for a UDS, that would be well documented here. However, I'm really concerned about off gassing during the cook. I don't want my guests getting ill from my modded rig! Any input would be appreciated
Originally Posted by krshome View Post
I pulled this from another post here on the BBQB: The Permetex site said this:
" When heated to temperatures above 300 degrees F. in the presence of air, this product can form formaldehyde vapors. Formaldehyde is a potential cancer hazard and a known skin and respiratorysensitizer. Safe handling conditions may be maintained by keeping vapor concentrations below the OSHA permissible limit for formaldehyde"
Originally Posted by Rmhardie View Post
Standard uds build. Expanded metal basket 3" off floor, food 24" above that, three 3/4 intakes. I used the RTV to seal a band of steel around the top (on the outside of the band) to attach stove rope to accomodate a domed lid. The other application of the rtv was to seal around the intakes (again, on the outside of the drum). A little of the rtv leaked into the fire chamber around the top of one intake. As far as the liner goes, it was sandblasted out. I've cooked on it with the flat lid prior to the mods.
Looks like krshome already answered your question.... I'm not a big fan of formaldehyde, but I've drank beer in the Phillipines that supposedly used it in their bottling process. I'd start over....
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