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somebody shut me the fark up.
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so jason emails me asking for my address. knowing what kind of character this is, i send him my neighbors address. you know, because of safety and security. (kidding!)

if you have listened to me long enough or read enough of my posts, you will know that mississippi is beer hell and that all the rest of you guys are spoiled, whether you realize it or not.

the mailman walks into my office today with a box. since i got a heads up from jason, i had a pretty good idea what was happening. BOOM!

beers not from around here!!!!!!! i've been dying to try pumpking for YEARS, literally. despite seeing a small amout of southern tier over in florida (when i can get over there), pumpking does not make it there. we get a few offerings from sierra nevada, but never the beer camp series.

i'm super excited to try these beers and they will be empty bottles by the end of the week......

ALSO, saw a bottle of a rub that says "tin foil" written on it. assuming this is chris' rub, but made by jason, i'm far less fearful that it is tainted or doctored in some way to try to eliminate a left leaning voter from the voter rolls. (dead libs can vote anyway, so i'm not too worried about that though) hehehe.

we return favors around my house, so sometime in the near future, expect a package.


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