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Default Meatloaf & Apple Pie

I've never smoked a meat loaf, or an apple pie for that matter. With the Throwdown "Let's Get Baked" challenge, I felt inspired.

So I started by putting the middle kid to work on the apple pie with peeling and slicing the apples.

I usually make my own crust, but admittedly cheated this go round with a frozen crust. But I filled the crust and got it ready to bake while the UDS was coming up to temp. This is about 45 minutes in. UDS was cruising along at 350 and I applied egg white wash.

The pie comes off to cool about the time the meat loaf goes on.

I make my meat loaf a little different than most...almost like candy. Brown sugar, regular sugar, ketchup and BBQ sauce. Again, the middle kid goes to work on the mixing.

Meat loaf is ready to come off the smoker at about 180 IT.

The money shot, as good as it gets anyway. The food tasted far better than the photo looks.

Greg Vincent

When I die, my goal is to have a visible smoke ring when the coroner cuts me open for the autopsy.

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