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Yet another try to have a satisfying experience with the Pitmaker Safe this time running no water in the cooker and running the Guru. I have used high temp duct tape to make sure the only air coming in is through the fan and the fan was choked off to half, the exhaust was also half closed......brought out the flame thrower and warmed up the cooking chamber a little then warmed up the charcoal chamber until the temp probes on the Guru were at 215. I set the temp on the guru to 215 I then inserted the half full charcoal grate with a 1/8 of that lit lump charcoal. I went inside got the pork chops and the temps had raised to 245 (not unexpected). Had the chops on for about 1-1/2 hours and the temps had risen to 285. Pulled the chops came in ate dinner and went back out to a pit at 362.....This is the last straw. I cant trust this pit. There is no way I could smoke something like jerky at 150. It is a pain in the butt to run water in it runs to hot without water, you have to sit on the thing with or without the Guru, it is beautiful and is built like a tank but that isnt a good trade off if it doesnt do what I need it to do.....the wife is going to flip but it is time for a new smoker!
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