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Followed your recipe for dinner tonight. I cooked it according to your instructions, but doubled it. Had to omit one item as we couldn't find Black Bean/Garlic paste.

Still, it was VERY good. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Sorry no pics on my end, it didn't last long enough.

Lessons learned:

1) Don't cook stir fry in a paella pan just because it's big. I have a wok, but it's a cheap one, and I thought the paella pan would be better. It wasn't. Even with a splatter screen, I have oil splattered all of kingdom come.

2) You need to keep the oil really hot to get the desired browning. Incidentally this is in direct proportion to the amount of splatter. :)

3) Next time I'll prepare it with rice.

I look forward to making this again!
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