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Originally Posted by Q Junkie View Post
Iíve tried this Baked Ice on the UDS before with disastrous results.
I tried the low and fast method, I probed until it stopped probing like butter, I wrapped in the red butchers paper when the IT was below 32 deg and I still do not achieve the results that I want

Here it is after wrapping in butcherís paper.
I still do not get the perfect Ice Sphere. Pretty good partial radius but the overall product is just not as good as yours.
I also noticed the superb marbling in your sphere. Where are you getting your water?
I used Costco water for this. I have so much to learn.
I'm thinking its the probe that is farking you up. You might just have to wing it or go by feel. I can't take any credit for the marbling. I think that is likely to be a different result each time. As far as water goes I just use regular tap water but it does come from Lake Superior so that might be the secret.

Don't give up man you will get it.
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