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Originally Posted by jeremy0510 View Post
Thanks guys. Didnt know the vaults weighed that much. I havent seen one in person yet but have seen alot of the backwoods. They seem to be very popular. I want it to be portable so backwoods sounds more logical. Walked around at last competition and everybody that had them were really helpful explaining them. Pretty much sold. We've been using a stickburner i had built but the lack of sleep is getting to us. The only problem we seen with someone using a backwoods was one guy who said the door would pop open so he had to watch it carefully but that sounded like a faulty door to me. Wouldve taken it back. But thanks so much for the advice.

If you like the bbq on your stick burner you should have someone build you a charcoal basket or diy if you are able. I built one for my stick burner, works on the same principle as the uprights now, very little air in and out (compared to the normal wide open exhuast on ST's), l load it up with lump or briquets, and a couple of wood chunks too and it will cook all day or night on one load and the bbq is just as good as ever. Just an idea before you go drop a big chunk if you want to try it, it worked for me.
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