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Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
Congrats, you created Krypton

Er, maybe that is Hoth
I was thinking the same thing. I didn't set out to go planet making. I just wanted some ice

Originally Posted by fantomlord View Post
that's certainly one of the stranger things I've heard on this board so far

Originally Posted by Fishhook View Post
Whats the best wood to use for smoking Ice? I'm thinking something light like..alder, or cherry. I think there might be a risk of overpowering the ice with hickory or oak. Did it give the bourbon that "smoky flavor"? What was the IT when you pulled it? Did you probe for done or just wing it? processes require so many questions..
I didn't use any smoking wood just lump. I had similar concerns and just wanted to work the bugs out. I suppose it gave the bourbon a little bit of that Royal Oak Lump flavor.

I really wanted to take the IT but was afraid I'd fark up the sphere. I'm guessing it was lower than 32 but that's just an educated guess.

I was certainly winging it.

Originally Posted by Gore View Post
The thing about these sorts of gifts is that you use them once or twice and they end up just taking up cupboard space after that. Making them disposable is absolutely brilliant! We're going to make a fortune.
I never thought of that. But you might be on to something. I was considering making something with multiple containment areas (almost like a tray).
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