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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
Size of burning pot I am using is 4"x4". Size of fuel shall be less than 1.5".
My smoker is small, grill size is just 16"x13"
If for a LARGE smoker, a bigger burner must be needed, then burning pot may be 6"x6", or 8"x8". In this case fuel size shall be less than 2" or 3"
The size of the fuel might be an issue for people here. The charcoal picture I showed you is a Kingsford brickette, this is probably the most popular brand of charcoal. It is 2in so I think it would be too large, you may want to change the sizing to fit Kingsford brickettes, I think many people would be interested in an automated charcoal smoker.

Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
I visited and find Rebel 32 Reverse Flow, Why called reverse flow, I fail to find details there.
Basically speaking, If I make in China, same size, same thickness, BUT Stainless Steel of 201, my price will be half.
Reverse flow means that the heat will pass through the smoker twice before it leaves.

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